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Africa Tourism Technology & Innovation Forum

Africa Tourism Technology & Innovation Forum - ATTIF is a deeply practical platform and solution based dialogue between leading and upcoming technology and innovation firms and key Africa tourism stakeholders such as Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Hotels, accommodation facilities and Hospitality players, MICE players, Aviation sectors, Attraction sites, Government ministries and tourism corporations, Conservancies, Tourism Associations and bodies, International bodies and councils, destination management companies, tourism regulators, suppliers and service providers with the aim of creating and enhancing technology and innovative solutions for tourism in Africa.
The first of its kind in Africa, ATTIF aims to put Africa tourism on the global map through enhanced technology and innovation that; drive inclusivity and economic empowerment of the local communities, increased global tourism market-share for Africa, enabling tourism as a major economic pillar for diversifying African economies, making it easy for global tourism players to do business with their African counterparts, providing real and measurable sustainable tourism in Africa and ensuring more opportunities for common Africans by proving them with a platform that they can directly use to benefit from Tourism throughout the continent

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